Preparing the digital image for submission
1. Labeling the image file
File should be labeled as <Abbreviation of School>_<Student’s Name>_<Class>_<Artwork Type>
e.g. BPSS_Lim Yi Hua_2E1_Photography
In the case when a student has more than one submission, File should be labeled as<Abbreviation of School>_<Student’s Name (2)>_<Class>_<Artwork Type>
e.g. BPSS_Lim Yi Hua (2)_2E1_Photography

2. Setting the Image/Video file specifications
Artwork Type
File Extension
File Specifications

2-D / 3-D
JPEG / 2400 pixels x 1600 pixels, 72 dpi, High Quality
Compression, file size up to 3 MB

Digital Media
file size up to 10 MB

Step-by Step Instructions for Online Submission
1. Sign in using the given username and password.
2. Click on Pages and Files
3. Click on Upload Files and Add Files, and select your file to upload.
4. You can also view the slides show below. Press F11 for full screen.